DJ Mitch's Equipment Page
All equipment is owned, serviced and operated by DJ Mitch, no hiring from external sources ever occur, full backup of equipment is always available.

Standard wedding setup pictured.
Setups vary according to type of function, crowd numbers and venue size/layout.

2x Denon DN-HD2500
Twin Digital Music Players

Denon DN-X900 Mixer
with two Sony DWZ M70's 2.4GHz microphone systems and
a Sennheiser XSW 35-B 630MHz UHF microphone system
Extra microphones and external inputs such
as music from phones can be added if required.

Two DN-HD2500's with twin 128GB+ USB's onboard for a
large collection
of music tracks available for any occasion.

Pair of Yamaha 'DXR-10' 1100watt peak 10" powered speakers.
Powerful and great sounding. Used for smaller functions only .
Pair of JBL 'PRX-712'
1500watt peak 12" powered speakers.

Most commonly used speakers for weddings.

White speaker stand scrims (often with LED lighting underneath)
& white (black or blue) fitted table cloth (DJ table) may be used for
some weddings if it blends in with the contrast of the room,
otherwise no scrims and a black fitted table cloth are used.
Denon AXIS12S Powered
2000W 12Inch Subwoofer

(not used for weddings or small functions)

Pair of JBL 'PRX-715'
1500 watts peak, 15" powered speakers
excellent for outdoor gigs and large venues

Strike-FX6 AVE 6-Channel PA Mixer with Effects and USB
Suitable for events/wedding receptions where musicians or several singers
require to use my DJ system/speakers/microphones for their performance.

Several professional corded and cordless microphones are
available to plug into this mixer for singers and instruments.
All cordless microphones are 2015+ frequency compliant.
Direct input from electric keyboards, guitars etc also available.
Pair of wireless receivers for speakers
High quality with 30 metre range, no cabling
from DJ area to speakers required.
Used when necessary for large venues.

5x Microphone stands
One with attachment for music sheet/speech notes
and drink holder attachment.

Monograms Projector
- can take standard and personalised gobos.
This projector is used alot for wedding receptions.

2x Colored bright LED lights
Set colors and disco mode settings via controller.

2x 'MultiAcis-IV' Laser & LED effects lights
2x 'Chauvet Swarm 4' Laser & LED effects lights

'Chauvet 4Bar' LED lights
(can link to '4Bar Flex' includes remote control)

'Chauvet 4Bar Flex' LED lights
(can link to '4Bar' includes remote control)
469 Bright Colored LED's each

4x 'iMove' Moving Head Effects Lights
intelligent moving very bright 250watt moving spot
with excellent
pre-programmed shows with powerful beams,
perfect for synchronised effects all linked together to the
beat of the music, as seen in large nightclubs.
(not used for weddings)

'Mega Go Bar 50' Battery operated LED Lights.
A rechargeable battery powered LED lighting bar offering
color mixing for stage or wall washing plus setting
up anywhere without restrictions of power.
The built-in battery will keep a charge for up to
8 hours (full on) battery life includes wireless remote control.

LED BAR 240 RGBWA with inbuilt 4 hour battery
Many Colored very bright 54x3w LED Lights

Chauvet DJ EZ Rail - RGBA Battery Operated Lights.
Up to 20 hours battery life.

'iColor4' 2000watt portable stage light with controller.
2x Starball lights 300watts each and rotate.

'DA-F500' Red/Green/Blue Animation Laser
Always used for kids parties and primary school discos.

'3028 Laser' Green/Red Effects Laser with LED colors

KOLO CF200RGY 200mW Red Green Yellow Laser

'Sweep Blue/Green Effects Laser.

Green-Red Effects Laser
_S-50B Blue Laser
2x  DL-33 Twin Green Lasers
(50mW + 50mW each unit)

2X B300 Twin Blue Lasers.  
S-100' Green Laser...........S-300 Green Laser
L.E.D Multicolored Message Display
Multicoloured bright graphics display up high on light stand. 
Have personalised messages added prior to the night if you like.
Not used for weddings, only used if requested.
Smoke Machine
with remote control includes scented heavy smoke.

"Chauvet Hurricane Haze 2D" Hazer
with remote control includes 'Tuttiifruti Tropical' scented haze
Produces a very fine mist smoke.

* A second console with two Denon DN-HD2500's
and DN-X500 mixer and DN-D4000 Dual CD/MP3 Players with
2015+ frequency 600MHz compliant cordless microphones.

* A third single Denon DN-HD2500
unit with mixer in smaller case
and DN-X500 mixer with 2015+ compliant cordless microphone.

Heavy Duty Wind-up Light Stand and
standard heavy duty light stands.

Pair of white scrims for standard stands.

6ft long Portable fold-up table with black special
fitted table cloth for my DJ Gear.
4ft table will be used in smaller areas if required with fitted table cloth.
Three 4ft and one more 6ft table available,
large extra black and a large white table cloth available,
two small black table cloths also available.
Chiayo 'Focus 505' Portable PA System
with cd/mp3/usb player, & remote control, cordless microphones and stand

50 watt peak.
Includes Sony UHF professional cordless microphone system.
Chiayo Challenger 1000 Portable PA System
(main unit) with CD/MP3/USB Player & remote control.

Now with
a pair of Sony 600MHz UHF professional cordless microphone systems.

Can be used for outdoor unpowered sites such as outdoor
wedding ceremonies with music and cordless microphone,
120watt RMS speaker. Can sit flat or on stand (usually on stand)
(New twin 12volt batteries) Battery Life of up to 6 hours with music and up to
10 hours
with just microphone output. Microphone stands also available.

** All P.A speakers can be linked up if required **
Chiayo Challenger 1000 Portable PA System
(2nd unit)
with CD Player
** Can be linked to main Chiayo unit via lead or wireless link **

Can be used for outdoor unpowered sites
such as outdoor
wedding ceremonies with music and cordless microphone,
120watt RMS speaker

Sony UHF professional cordless microphone system.
Can sit flat or on stand (available),
any device can plug in for music
such as iPod/MP3 player, Laptop (available).
(New twin 12volt batteries) Battery Life of up to 6 hours with music and
up to 10 hours
with just microphone output. Microphone stand also available.
Extra cordless microphone systems can be plugged into this speaker also.

Sony PX-40 with remote.
high definition projector secondary/backup unit with new 2000hr globe
Brightness is 3500 lumens. 1024 x 768 resolution.
These projectors are very unique in that they are 3500 lumens
but look as bright as some 5000 lumen projectors due to the
size of the lens and the optics.

* 10 metre High Quality RCA video lead (to link your DVD player/projector
to my mixer for audio of your video presentation)

* 2x Laptop computers (to play any audio or to link to projector to play
DVD's/USB Videos) - photo slide shows, video, PowerPoint presentations.
Windows 7/8 laptops.

100 inch portable High Definition Projector Screen
Electric balloon blowers, different types of balloons,
glowsticks, light up party hats and more.

Remote control powerboards for turning lighting on and off at anytime,
50 metre distance with wireless remote controls.
2x UPS Powerboards with up to 10 minutes (per powerboard)
of backup power in the event of power going off at venue.
Other remote controlled power sockets available.

20x one metre lengths of Cable Guard
(10 black, 10 yellow all joinable)
For details of Video/camera gear go to